schuylkill haven area school district sign

Signs Every High School Needs

Education is important — no doubt. The curriculum that is taught to high school students is essential in helping them prepare to one day enter the workforce and bring about positive change to their communities. While many are aware of the importance of high school curriculum, the importance of the educational signage that is used…

Bright Colored Led Smd Screen. Led Sign - Close-up Texture Abstr

5 Tips For Displaying the Perfect LED Sign

When it comes to LED signage for your business, you want yours to pack the most punch possible. LED signs can provide a wealth of unique concepts and ways to communicate, especially compared to traditional static signage. Seeing as how this technology is a relatively new evolution in the world of advertising, you may not…

a red, eight-sided stop sign

The History of the Stop Sign

The stop sign is one of the most iconic and important signs in America, where most of the nation is designed with the automobile in mind. Road signs of all types, be they Yield, Railroad Crossing, or Do Not Pass, make up perhaps the largest portion of the signage and display industry, and the king…

Diamond Credit Union Teller indoor sign

4 Lobby Display Tips for Engaging Guest Experiences

The lobby is the first thing your customers see upon entering your business, restaurant, or private practice. With this in mind, it is important to decorate that space with creative branding, eye-catching displays, and maybe even some interesting factoids about your company’s identity.

Here are some quick tips that can help attract and retain your customers, guests, and clients.

Old worn out wooden sign for ICE

How to Protect Your Sign From Fading

Signs don’t last forever. Think about the last time you were driving through town, how many signs did you see that were way past their prime? Peeling paint, sun damage, faded colors, and damaged metal, are only some of the things that can show a signs age. At Bartush Signs, we strive to create long lasting signs that don’t fall victim to damage (at least not nearly as quickly). Your business needs a sign that will last the test of time, because your business sure will.