A couple does their holiday shopping and takes in lighted signs

Lighted Business Signs for the Holidays

It’s finally the holiday season! The winter months mean that the sun is going down earlier, but that won’t stop the hordes of holiday shoppers from heading out in search of great deals and perfect gifts. One of the best ways that you can help your business stand out and attract valuable customers during this…

How Are Neon Signs Made?

When you want a sign to make a real impact, especially at night, you make it neon. This variety of sign is instantly recognizable– from Route 66 to Las Vegas, it’s deeply rooted in the image of Americana, but the look is also completely timeless and would fit right in on even the most metropolitan…

Common Repairs Needed For Different Signs

Over time, signs face wear and tear. When this happens, they need to be repaired or else you’re left with a bad looking sign, which can actually turn out to be worse than no sign at all. Knowing the best and most common issues that require sign repair is important to keep your sign looking great and drawing in more customers!