Abstract colors, backgrounds and textures. Food Coloring in milk. Food coloring in milk creating bright colorful abstract backgrounds. Colorful chemical experiment.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Next Sign

When it comes to creating eye-catching signage, color is extremely important. While it may seem like a simple aesthetic choice, picking the right colors for a particular sign can seriously impact effectiveness. It’s not enough to use green or blue just because those are the hues you think are the nicest. Even a beautiful sign can be easily missed if it doesn’t command the right type of attention.

Old weathered retro neon motel sign advertising pool and vacancy. Horizontal shot.

A Brief History of Modern Signage

Signs have been around much longer than you think. Before the development of technology, signs were merely etchings in stone. These signs were the first tool used by man to fully express their ideas. Businesses have and always will have a need for signage. From the wooden signs found in front of taverns in the…