famous sign, HOLLYWOOD - SEPTEMBER 6: The world famous landmark Hollywood Sign on September 6, 2011 in Hollywood, California. It was created as an advertisement in 1923.

Famous Signs from Around the World – Part I

They may not be the first thing you think of when you’re planning a vacation, but there’s no doubt that many signs around the world have become tourist attractions in their own right. Immortalized in countless movies and photographs, these iconic displays are known across the globe not just because of the popularity of the places they represent, but also for their eye-catching colors, shapes, size and design.

Abstract colors, backgrounds and textures. Food Coloring in milk. Food coloring in milk creating bright colorful abstract backgrounds. Colorful chemical experiment.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Next Sign

When it comes to creating eye-catching signage, color is extremely important. While it may seem like a simple aesthetic choice, picking the right colors for a particular sign can seriously impact effectiveness. It’s not enough to use green or blue just because those are the hues you think are the nicest. Even a beautiful sign can be easily missed if it doesn’t command the right type of attention.

Annoyed male cafe worker with long line

Create A Better Restaurant Experience Through Digital Signage

Does your restaurant need help promoting daily specials, the whole menu, or just your brand in general? Implementing more customer-friendly digital signage has shown to be effective in helping local eateries.

Lower costs and easier communications are just some of the benefits of using digital signage in your restaurant. Investing in digital signage means you’ll save money during the long run; no more money spent on printing out daily special and menu sheets. Secondly, you can share information with your customers in a much more efficient and fast-paced way.

So here are four reasons why you need to invest in digital signage for your restaurant!

Outdoor College Campus with students walking to class

School Signs – The Four Displays Every College or University Needs

No matter the size of your school, you know it is important to effectively engage with students and faculty on a daily basis. Well designed signage for colleges and universities vastly improves the student experience, enables easier campus navigation and strengthens branding and informational efforts.

Below, take  a look at the four types of signs every college or university needs to consider.

baseball player swings at pitch in minor leagues

Major Opportunities for Minor League Advertising

Fans coming to the ballpark have a lot to keep up with. The shouting vendors, the delicious food, as well as the action on the field are constantly competing for the spectator’s attention. With all this going on, it is important that your signage stands out above the rest.

Minor league baseball is a half a billion dollar industry and attracted more than 37 million fans to games in 2016. Minor league stadiums provide many advertising opportunities from the dugout to the outfield, the press box and vendor areas.

Indoor informational signs are essential for your business

Give an Informational Makeover to Your Workplace with Customized Indoor Signage

Indoor signs add significant aesthetic value to your office or workplace. Clever use of marketing messages increases your brand’s familiarity with visitors. Aside from the usual promotional themes, you can spice up the workplace by adding informative quotes, well-thought out taglines, etc. The idea behind placing indoor signs is to make an everlasting impression on…